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Can you name the songs based on a selection of not-so-common words/phrases extracted from the lyrics?

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Atmosphere, Milky Way, constellation, tae bo, deep fried chicken
Deluge, paper cup, possessions, TV page, liberation
Flattered, unfortunate, stoic, uncharted, intriguing
Laundry, do-si-do, brain surgery, monkey wrench, cigarettes
Grandmother, Rice Krispies, Scottish lake, industrial, kick in the crotch
Panty snatcher, dancey, nitty gritty, dirty little freaks, underdogs
Chinese menu, mutilated, ran amok, tailor, pina colada
Bamboo earrings, lollipop, honey-coated complexion, manipulate, private jokes
Regular crowd, real estate, novelist, businessmen, carnival
Guilt-stricken, baby's breath, responsible, compromise, Valium
Counter, umbrella, horoscope, straightening, cathedral
Lack thereof, blender, wicker cabinet, ginger ale, origami
Condescendingly, prom kings, credits, transfers, double doors
Homework, preaches, hypocrite, porno mag, busted in
Passionate, therapist, skewers, women's clothes, gender roles
Apartment, ninety-ninth, Union Jack, detergent pack, parking tickets
Engaged, courtyard, ocean of violets, demanding, stomach
Pancakes, maple syrup, smiley face, brush my teeth, PJs
Bloody thing, kettle's on the boil, berth, butter pie, gypsy
Chimpanzees, plastic eyeballs, vitamin D, maggot, termite
Chemistry's, presuming, intruding, communication, telephonic invasion
Subdued, disgrace, whipping boy, deprived, regretfully
Communist, RV, diddley squat, crummy job, master suite
Overzealous, scantilly clad, poindexter, opportunistic, perpetratin' a tan
Allocation, picking up slack, uninterrupted prosperity, machete, liquidation
Balcony, ball gowns, throwing pebbles, staircase, scarlet letter
Twiddle, unlocked doors, velcro seat, dog in heat, pathetic
Gym class, tube socks, IROC, mold, lo and behold
Alka Seltzer, handshake, ringtone, senile, main component
Scrounging, complete unknown, mystery tramp, chrome horse, Siamese cat

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