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Can you name the songs based on a selection of not-so-common words/phrases extracted from the lyrics?

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Lottery, Chardonnay, death row, suitcase, spoons
Files, sympathetic, pantry, cupcakes, candidates'
Hippie, zombie, plunder, language, vegemite
Lipstick, stains, collided, untrimmed, virgin
Pre-flight, kite, timeless, touchdown, science
Aquaman, sushi, vertigo, samurai, backswing
Teardrops, rude, fox trot, insomniac, bizarre
Permanent, prescribe, anesthesia, paramedic, respirator
Mountaintops, maroon, harmless, unleashed, gnashed
Clean, semester, child support, paraplegic, sidewalk
Hollow, skipping, transistor, waterfall, stadium
Bandit, sycamore, crocodile, riverboat, erotic images
Cologne, pants, ADD, sodomy, caller ID
Grocery store, pennies, Sergeant, medical center, Cadillac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac
Bleach blonde, frisky, fruity, Louisville Slugger, white-trash
Collaborate, harpoon, mushroom, Lamborghinis, ninja
Radar phone, vamp, bubble, saccharine, peaches
Prozac, SVU, preoccupied, snakeskin, classic rock
Glitters, songbird, misgiven, piper, hedgerow
Subject, denial, overcompensate, wannabes, dopest
Urchin, charity, gas chamber, surgeon general, hazardous
Tights, actress, trust fund, vegetarian, bathroom
Country club, apropos, scrubbing, labels, oversized
Wrestles, comic books, prophets, bathe, zebra flesh
Mannequin, boiling, IBM, identity, dehumanize
Rottenness, salutes, cretins, amputee, trivial
Geometry, machinery, spheres, chemicals, antiquated
Marmalade, kaleidoscope, cellophane, marshmallow, plasticine
Pews, exchanging, bridesmaid, rationality, technically
Reception, footloose, demonstration, prescription, bloodstained

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