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Can you name the TV character from their initials as well as the initials of the actor/actress and TV show?

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InitialsCharactersActor/Actress and Show
CB played by MP on F
BS played by NPH on HIMYM
NP played by GW on C
WW played by BC on BB
DZ played by BA on TGG
DC played by WS on BL
RR played by DA on ILL
JG played by SU on J
ZM played by MPG on SBTB
AB played by EO on MWC
KA played by EL on L
LDP played by DD on T
SS played by JL on G
LS voiced by YS on TS
JG played by GS on JSM
InitialsCharactersActor/Actress and Show
HW played by RM on EN
MS played by SC on TO
RK played by JG on TH
JM played by AP on WAT
DB played by PH on ELR
TH played by MJW on TCS
EB played by JS on AITF
SC played by JP on TBBT
VB played by JT on WBK
DT played by BS on FH
LS played by CMM on OTH
N played by LP on PD
L played by JK on MITM
MB played by JB on AD
SS played by AP on TB

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