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Can you name the twenty one pilots lyrics (or the song in which they are)by their antonyms?

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It's your brains that plagiarize the rhythm!
You will laugh at the day for the first time
Your enemies and you are perfectly normal
He told me, 'Father, when you get young, I will buy you a office of stone'
You whisper, I whisper, No one whispers, cause you're brave
Everybody does what you do
Unfortunately, You can't study my heart
I'm not really foreign, I'm new to here
Your name's Tyler and you don't care what I know
I do know all of the kindness
Today, you'll want me to leave!
You don't know where I sit, noisy in the city
Your house has been extinguished
I'm not trying to wake up, and I can, when I don't have blades for arms
Never to kill yourself, do I have to save my heart

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