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Can you name the all-time X-Men Team Members?

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Mutant Power(s), AbilitiesCode NameHint
Optic Blasts, Team Leader
Telekinesis, Telepathy, Phoenix ForceHell Hath No Fury Like This Woman Scorned
Strength, Agility, Speed, Agility, Dexterity, Senses and EnduranceScientific Genuis
Transmuting Wings, Healing Blood, Neuro-toxin FletchettesOld Money
ice powers, manipulate all forms of moistureImmature
Telepathy, Mind-Control, Astral ProjectionThey are named after him
Copycat Other Mutant Powers1st new member
Shapeshifter, Telepathic, PsychokineticImpersonated the team founder
Sonic Scream, Flight, Sonic ConcussionIrish
MagnetismGreen Hair
Absorbs and discharges Solar and Cosmic RaysBaby Brother
Flight, Shoots Rays of FireJapanese, Arrogant
Strength, Speed, Endurance and ReflexesNative American - Apache
Teleportation over short distances, Prehensile TailGerman Devil
Strength, Durability, Organic-Steel SkinRussian Farmer, Artist
Flight, Weather-ManipulationAfrican Goddess
Healing Factor, Adamantium Skeleton with Claws, Strength, Speed, Agility, hyper-sensesCanucklehead
Intangibility, Phasing through objectsJewish youngster
Absorbs Powers, Memories and skills, Flight, Invulnerability, Strengthone-time villain
Mutant Power(s), AbilitiesCode NameHint
Telekinesis, Telepathy, Phoenix ForceDaughter from the Future
Master of MagnetismVictim of the Holocaust
Telepathy and Telekinesis, Psychic Knife/KatanaNinja, looks good in purple
Convert Sound into Photonic EnergyMost likely to bust a move, Panic at the Disco
Luck Manipulation, Alien Body, CombatStar Attraction on Mojo-World
Pyrotechnics, low level energy burstsRobin to Wolverine's Batman, Japanese American
Machinesmith, Creator, Cheyenne Mystic, Bionic Leg and HandNative American - Cheyenne, Vietnam Vet
Charge objects with Kinetic Energy, hypnotic charmThe Ragin' Cajun
Kinetic Energy Absorption and Projection, Time Travel via Bionic ArmTime-Cop
Telepathy, Psionic Blades, EmpathicTragic Copy, Mistress of Mat'suo
Strength, Agility, Scientific GeniusEvil Scientist
Flight, Invulnerability, Blast-ShieldAltruistic Hayseed
MagnetismClone of their greatest enemy
Force FieldProtective Doctor
Matter Digestion, Scan Memories and EventsHas two pet slugs
Bone Manipulation, throwing daggersLittle Morlock Girl all grown up
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Warp through Space/TimeThe Prodigal Son, ravaged by Techo-Virus
Morph body into Solar Plasma, Plasma Projection, FlightEast Indian
Computer Mind, Receive/Transmit data from anywhereFormer Hellfire Mistress
Mutant Power(s), AbilitiesCode NameHint
Telepathy, Transmuting Diamond SkinFormer Hellfire Queen
Telepathy, Bio-Energy Blasts, Telekinesis, Sonic-Force, FlightMissing Bottom Half of his face
PheromonesMutant Prostitute
Brain contains a microscopic starChinese Villain in Disguise
Speed, Photon-Discharges when touching Twin SiblingCanadian Twin
Sheds outer layer of skin to reveal more powerful formsHayseed's younger sis
Unlimited Strength, Endurance, Invulnerability, Unstoppable while in MotionHelmet is immune to psychic attacks
Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance, Reflexes, InvulnerabilityNative American - Apache
Shapeshifting into other humanoids, supressed agingBisexual, Blue-Skinned
Adaptation for SurvivalMember of Xavier's 'secret' new team
Energy ManipulationThird Summer Brother, Member of Xavier's 'secret' new team
Time-Manipulation, create visions of past eventsChinese, Member of Xavier's 'secret' new team
Geo-Morph, Manipulate earth and rockMember of Xavier's 'secret' new team
Prime Sentinel/Human HybridEast Indian, Cyborg
Telepathy, IllusionistDaughter of the Master Illusionist, Sister is one too
Healing Factor, Adamantium Skeleton, Claws, Strength, Speed, Agility, hyper-sensesWolverine without a Conscience
Flight, Cause Hallucinations,Teleportation, Soul-Dagger, Black MagicFairy Wings, Been to Hell and Back
Psionic Armored Shell for protection and strength, forceJapanese Student - Youngest X-Man
Strength, Speed, Endurance, Reflexes, Senses, Communicates w/Sea life, Human-HybridImperious Rex, Fought Nazi's during WWII
Mutant Power(s), AbilitiesCode NameHint
Bio-Morphing ability for rescue purposesAustralian
Teleportation, Rides a Hover-BoardAustralian
Psychic Arrows, Fear ProjectionNative American, one-time Valkyrie
Absorb and Rechannel Solar Radiation, Solar FlaresBrazillian, Hellfire Club Prodigy
Mind Control, Psychic PossessionVietnamese
Lava manipulation, Surround body with intense heatCitizen of Nova Roma, Hot Body
Language Translation, Understand inherent Language of any actionBest Friend is a Technological Being
Mutant Power ManipulationMutant Messiah
External Nervous System, Reads Body LanguageWeapon XIII, French
Teleporation through Space and Time, Soulsword, Dark MagicThe Darkchylde, Little Snowflake
Matter Assimilation, Technomorph,Transmode VirusSelf-Friend, Alien Technarchy race
Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Energy Manipulationfrom the Age of Apocalypse, Mutant Shaman
Fire-Breathing, FlightTiny Dragon
Levitation Intangibility, TeleportationAccesses Darkforce Dimension, Mutant Runaway
Light Knives, Purge poisons and Drugs, Heightened Agility, ReflexesMutant Runaway
Teleportation, Clairvoyance into other times, realms, planes, Ancestor of Bishop, Australian Aboriginal

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