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Can you name the Marvel Superhero Powers?

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Superhero skilled in multiple unarmed combat techniques.Attacks swords and guns.
Climbs walls and shoots webs.
He is the god of thunder.Attacks with his hammer.
A brilliant tactician and master of all forms of unarmed combats.
A sharp-eyed archer.
Fastest marvel hero.Expert in hand to hand combats.
She has a great strength,durability,endurance and healing factor.
He is known as human rocket.
He has an incredible superhuman physical ability.His strength is limitless.
An x-men with claws.
S.H.I.E.L.D trained hero.Martial arts expert.
Attacks with his advanced iron suit armor.
He can shrink and also can change into giant.
Attacks with his shield.Mastered in American Boxing.
He has an unbreakable skin.
He can stretch his body.
He can block even missiles also.
She can control the weather.
An invisible hero
He shoots lasers

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