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Main Character
Current Master of St. Louis
Ulfric of the Thronos Rokke Clan
Dead Lupa of the Thronos Rokke Clan
Dead Ulfric of the Thronos Rokke Clan
Manager of Animators Inc.
Animator, Strong, but a softie
Red headed, green eyed black man
Vaudan Priest, necromancer
Anita's Apprentice
Trained Anita to hunt vampires
Anita's Best Friend
Most polite officer on the RIPT squad
Larry's Wife
Anita's crime scene buddy
Second vampire in command
Vamp bouncer infront of Guilty Pleasures
Anita's Vampire servant
ex-cop, vampire
love jean claude, and tries to kill Anita
the original Dark Knight
Runs the Church of Eternal Life
decked out in leather, she still looks delicate
1000 year old vamp, previous master
Third vampire in command
the tired twin vampire
wears holy water scars given to him by anita
the easygoin twin vampire
vampire hoodlum
rotting master vampire
second in command rotting vampire
master of Albuquerque
conquistador made vampire
silvias girlfriend
skoll of the thronos rokke clan
best friend to Anita and her lover
wolf twin
leopard twin
Richard's Geri
leopard, likes piercings and is a wise ass
was a nurse before becoming a lycanthrope
made Gabriel a were leopard
Sadistic wereleopard
stepped down from being Nimer-Raj
Complete bottom and leopard
leader of the Maneaters clan
Micha's bodyguard
tried to be wereleopard leader, failed
bodyguard wererat
female wererat that anita trusts
lycan doctor
Richard's best friend
rat king
hermaphrodite were hyena
blue haired lion
face broken and is a hyena
Rex of the St Louis pride
Brother of the Rex
a bodyguard of anita's and is a new werehyena
one of the lions the Rex sent for anita; too weak
reluctant Chicago lion
weak lion that the Rex sent to anita
Blonde weretiger, ran away to escape arranged marrige
animal to call to the master of beasts
white weretiger from las vegas
red weretiger
almost killed anita in the harliquin
swan king
cursed swan prince
touch clairvoryant
wife of the master of Cape Cod
one of Edwards 'contacts' uses hair to conseal weapons
one of anita's best friends
ex fiance's mother
ex fiance's brother
scariest voodoo priestess, in anita's opinion
good friend of anita's
vargamore for a tennesee werewolf clan
psyco and hot for anita. sadist and rapist
vampire who rotted for trying to become 'vegeterian'
master of Cape Cod
has multipule personalities

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