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Sandal ______
Velcro ______
The invisible _____
How many seasons are there?
Which is the longest season?
True or false: Shoelace Man was based on a true story?
Shoelace Man has how many allies?
Robert ______
How does Really Bad Film solve their problems?
Shoelace Man’s first genre is ______
Shoelace Man’s second genre is _____
Kaden’s shield is named _____
How many Buzzmons were there originally?
Cloning facility name?
Medic in the guard’s team?
Hacker in the guard’s team?
Bomber in the guard’s team?
The guard’s real name.
What was the first thing Shoelace Man pulled out of his shoes?
The guard’s nemesis.
The guard’s nemesis’ butler.
Buzzmon’s main weapon.
Shoelace Man is played by who?
Buzzmon and literally everyone else is played by who?
The expendable is played by who?
Season one main antagonist.
Season two main antagonist.
Season three main antagonist.
Season four main antagonist/ brat.
The guard’s brother is the _____ ______.
The Sandal Monster’s real first name is _____.
Scar’s real first name is ______.
Most hated character by fans.
“The _____ have landed.”
“You will always be a _____”
One the worst but now the best episode.
How many times does the Sandal Monster die.
Ice cream shop name.
Only person 100% alive by the very end.
Name of the movie taking place after the show.
Shoelace Man is kidnapped by who?
“They don’t deserve ____.”
“It’s a shoe, just like _____...”
Who says the line: “not so fast, bitch.”
Who says the line: “what the ****. This is gonna end up so much worse than before.”
Who says the line: “I forgive you, dad.”
Who says the line: “I thought it would make good confetti.”
Who says the line: “Buzzmon, you have to get out of there somebody’s following-”
The Beast protagonist.
How many The Beast: World chapters are there?
The Beast antagonist.
_____ puppy cheeks.
_____ puppy cheeks.
_____ puppy cheeks.
_____ puppy cheeks.
_____ puppy cheeks.
Horror movies’ name.
Conspiracy theorist.
The second horror movie takes place how many years after the first one?
Horror movie antagonist.
The Legend of ______.
The wolfs of _________.
Only kid appropriate Really Bad Film movie.
“I don’t have the _____ to turn that way.”
“How the **** are you still ____.”
Sandal Monster gets shot where.
“Shoelace Man, Shoelace Man, _____ all the way.”
Where does Velcro Villain live?

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