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Can you name the Characters and Objects of Catching Fire?

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Katniss pretends to be in love with him
Gale Kissed her in the woods
Finnicks weapon
Shape of the arena
Female tribute from district seven
He is a drunk
Katniss's Stylist
President of Panem
Katniss's favorite weapon
The capitol destroys this district near the end of the book
Beetee is good with this
The year of the Hunger Games
This happens after every 25 years of the Hunger Games
The Hunger Games keep the people of Panem living in
Gale works in the
Snow smells like
Gale and Katniss like to do this together
Panem policemen
A peacekeeper whips this person
Katniss and Peeta formed enough unrest among the country of Panem to spark a _____.

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