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The chosen one
Gave her life to save her son
he who must not be named
famous dark wizard that dumbledore defeated
heir of slytherin
patronus of a horse
killed her cousin in the battle of the department of mysteries
mother of rose weasley
niece of bellatrix lestrange
minister for magic when lord voldemort took over the ministry
has a patronus of a swan
where the twin of the vanishing cabinet in hogwarts stands
nearly headless nick's full name
Gellert Grindelwald's aunt
severus snape's middle name
accused of being the heir of slytherin
aged 665 when he died
word that was carved onto hermione's arm by bellatrix lestrange
who james, sirius, remus and peter made
what the howler sent from dumbledore to petunia said
creator of the prophecy
the year puddlemore united founded in
harry's birthday
the only person that can control peeves
used to destroy the diadem of ravenclaw
piece of fruit that you tickle to get into the kitchens at hogwarts
harry's cover name at bill and fleurs wedding
used on ron's wound when he is splinched
the dragon that krum faced in the triwizard tournament
the meaning of the black family motto
very first chapter in the harry potter series

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