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highest point
waste, rubbish
chopped, cancelled
a figure skating jump
plural of axe
angle between an axis and an offshoot
straight line that meets certain conditions
rotating wheel shaft
long nerve fiber
resembling a box
a residual substance
type of electrical cable
most important point
pill containing dextroamphetamine
category of sweet sparkling wines
plural of eau
a test
plural of ex
to leave, depart
nucleic acid sequence
tool with a curved blade
not genuine
archaic spelling of fixed
fiber of the flax plant
to bend, contract
flow or discharge
an attempt to trick people
a type of wild goat
a genus of trees and shrubs
a genus of plants
games, plural of jeu
a hex, type of curse
deluxe, sumptuous
short-tailed wild cat
clothing with hemline at the ankle
coquette, flirtatious woman
archaic spelling of mixed
mugwort root
immediately after
plural of nix, female water sprites
alternate of nixie, female water sprite
an ornamental stone
a type of antelope
plural of ox
alternate plural of ox
alternate of oxide
alternate of oxime
alternate of pixie
alternate of prexy, president
cooked mixture of flour and fat
fourth canonical hour
sexually attractive
plural of taxon
passenger-carrying automobile
written words
alternate of vexed
covered in wax
a covered portico

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