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Can you name the Pokemon matching the descriptions?

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Starts withPokemon nameHint (# of letters)
AHas ten letters in its name (10)
BDragon type (5)
CIce type (8)
DIs a non-event Legendary (6)
EIs pink (9)
FHas a character in its name that is not a letter (9)
GMany people have caught its Shiny form in Gold, Silver or Crystal (8)
HEvolves by trading (7)
IDoesn't have a 'u' in it (9)
JIs blue (8)
K2nd Gen (7)
LFighting type (7)
MCan learn every TM (3)
Starts withPokemon nameHint (# of letters)
NThe name of 2 Pokemon (7)
ONot Rock or Water type (6)
PHas 2 trade evolutions (7)
QDoesn't have a 'u' in it (8)
RPsychic Type (5)
SBase Stat Total doesn't change when it evolves (7)
TCan evolve into 3 different Pokemon (7)
UDoesn't have a tail (5)
VGround type (7)
WFound on Mirage Island (6)
XOnly One (4)
Y4th Gen (7)
ZIs yellow (6)

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