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Can you name the Famous Renaissance Artists?

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Italian Painter and Architect, Madonna of the...., Baldassare Castiglione, Transfiguration, The School of Athens
'archetype of the Renaissance man,' The Adoration of the Magi, The Last Supper, Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man
Ward of the Medici Family, The Birth of Venus, Primavera, Portrait of a Young Man/Woman
'Most Revolutionary Artist of his Time', Martyrdom/Calling of St. Matthew, Death of a Virgin, The Cardsharps
Famous Italian Artist and Sculptor, David, The Feast of Herod, Mary Magdalene
'Greatest Artist of his TIme,' Statue of David, Ceiling of Sistine Chapel, The Last Judgment
painter, sculptor, and architect of the Spanish Renaissance, The Assumption/Dormition of the Virgin, The Disrobing of Christ, View of Toledo
Flemish Renaissance Painter, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, The Tower of Babel, The Peasant Wedding
Italian Architect and Engineer, Dome of the Cathedral of Florence, Basilica di San Lorenzo di Firenze, Santo Spirito di Firenze, Sagrestia Vecchia
Flemish Painter active in Bruges, Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride, The Ghent Altarpiece, Man in Red Turban

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