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Can you name the Word Overlaps? The last two letters of each 4-letter word become the first two of the next

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Hint4-letter word
urgent request ( **ea)
every one (ea**)
cut, sever
work (musical)
not new, pre-owned
prepare for publication
a piece of news
give off, send out
prickly sensation on the skin
____ En Lai, Chinese leader
push out, usurp
stalk of plant
Television Award
not that
land surrounded by water
part of tree
black bird
ladies' fingers
sudden attack
thought, plan
warming food
Hint4-letter word
female sheep (plural)
spot, see
funeral fire
repeat, remake
St Paul's Cathedral has one
note, reminder
major part
Russian ruler
River in Italy
part of a plant stem
sell, trade
too, as well
unspecified amount
_______ Me In St Louis
draw, engrave
(of a vehicle or boat) move slowly and noisily
Not beautiful, plain
small U-shaped harp
City in Nevada
City in Alaska
Restaurant bill of fare
Nuclear weapon

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