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Can you solve the 4-letter clues to give some good advice to undergrads?

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Verb expressing obligation or duty
The greater part
This plant lives in moist, shady areas
Short for 'possible' (informal)
Slang for 'defecates'
Points in favour
School ball
Baby carriage
One thousandth of a kilo
Glitzy and exciting
Marine bivalve mollusc
Store information for an exam
Nansen the explorer's ship
Bubbly lather from soap
Shape or outline
Golfer's warning cry
Ripped or ran very fast
Civil wrong
Solicit for business
Travel about the country
Belonging to you
Contracton for you would
Noisy or at full volume
Burden or heavy weight to carry
Prod or poke
Pleased or happy
Smart or glitzy looking (short form)
Grand win or to criticise
A fraudulent business scheme
This can be used to capture snapshots of the webcam stream
A test

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