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Can you find the four-letter words to complete this word ladder with a theme from 'Summertime' by Ella Fitzgerald ?

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* Summertime and the livin' is ____*
The sun rises here
Quick and rapid
Clenched hand
*______ are jumpin' *
Desire or want
Sensible or sage
A fine imposed by a king or lord
Alternative for 'light'
String instrument with a neck
Small sled
Very large indeed
Hefner or Grant maybe?
* And the cotton is _____ *
Scots Gaelic for 'king'
* Oh, your daddy's _____ *
Abbreviation for Michigan
Tiny rodents
A unit of length
Burrowing mammal
A fungus
Precious metal
* And your mamma's ____ looking *
A person who is hired to threaten
A blessing or benefit
Short version of 'boatswain'
Overseer or manager
Archaic or dialect word for 'kiss'
Shrub or Presidents?
* So _____ little baby *
Dry layer that covers some seeds
A long pointed tooth
Job or assignment
Wine or beer barrel
Job for a lawyer or policeman
Bamboo or candy stick
Person from Denmark
Completed or cooked
* _____ you cry *

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