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Fill in the 4-letter words in this Word Ladder with a Fine Wine Theme

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Hint4-letter word
Informal for wine
Driest variety of sherry
Of superior or best quality
Alcoholic beverage made from grapes
To close and open the eyelid of one eye deliberately
An enclosed area of ice for skating
A relative position in a society or army
Frame used to store bottles of wine
To be short or have need of something
A decorative cloth made by twisting thin thread in delicate patterns
Unable to walk normally
Spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism
Molten rock expelled by a volcano during an eruption
Spanish sparkling wine
A large hole in the side of a hill, cliff, or mountain
Way of selling and delivering wine bottles
Hint4-letter word
A barrel-shaped vessel of staves, headings, and hoops usually for liquids
Sit in the sun
Outer covering of a tree
Nude or uncovered
Serious attention, especially to the details of a situation
Central part of an apple
Used as a stopper, as for a bottle.
Male hen
A type of dry white wine from Germany
Dent or mark in the skin
Meat from a pig
A sweet fortified dessert wine
Send by mail
Smile for the camera
The particular smell of a wine
The pink color of this wine can range from a pale 'onion-skin' orange to a vivid near-purple

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