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Can you name the Basketball Players in this 4-letter Word Ladder?

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Malik ____ Charlotte Hornets
Make fun of
Shelvin ____ Orlando Magic
Give financial support
Sit in the sun
Brandon ____ Los Angeles Clippers
Flying mammals
Gambles or wagers
Brooklyn ____ NBA Team
Raul ____ Utah Jazz
District in Southern Region of Malawi
Player for Houston Rockets
A valley, especially one that is narrow and wooded
Luol _____ Los Angeles Lakers
Animal excrement
Kris ____ Chicago Bulls
Data Universal Numbering System (initials)
Phoenix ____ NBA team
Male heirs
Words set to music
Shawn _____ Houston Rockets
____ Wolf or ____ Ranger?
Kevin ____ Cleveland Cavaliers
Sheltered rocky inlet in the coast
Norris ____ Oklahoma City Thunder
Space or aperture
Healthy and robust
Rabbit's relation
Josh _____ Los Angeles Lakers
Come to a standstill
Corridor or passageway
John ____ Washington Wizards
Lonzo ____ Los Angeles Lakers
To remove water from a boat
Chris _____ Houston Rockets

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