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Use the clues to name the 4-letter rungs in this word ladder. The highlighted rungs are all anagrams, with different colours for different anagrams

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Hint4-letter word
**Sixth month of the Gregorian calendar**
Sand hill
A city-dweller
Bare, unclothed
A nuclear weapon
Gospel writer who was a physician
Large body of land-locked water
Cook in the oven
Stark and undecorated
Tree's outer covering
A silly escapade or a songbird
Animal fat
Country, soil, earth
Give temporarily
Show the way
Hint4-letter word
Drip or dribble
Bird's pecker
Polar or Black maybe
Dread, be afraid of
Brave deed
Extreme warmth
Mend or repair your skin
Dante's Inferno
____ of Fame
Fit and well
Dislike intensely
Fixed price charged for something
Memorizing by repetition
**Yellow flower of Texas**

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