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QUIZ: Complete the names of these people with April Birthdays

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_____ Reynolds1st April
_____ Fassbender2nd April
Marlon _____3rd April
_____ Angelou4th April
_____ Horowitz5th April
_____ Klass6th April
Russell _____7th April
____ Annan8th April
_____ Ballesteros9th April
Omar _____10th April
_____ Letterman12th April
_____ Jefferson13th April
_____ Capaldi14th April
_____ Watson15th April
_____ Chaplin16th April
_____ Beckham17th April
_____ Sharapova19th April
_____ Lange20th April
Iggy _____21st April
_____ Lenin22nd April
_____ Shakespeare23rd April
_____ Streisand24th April
_____ Zellweger25th April
Melania _____26th April
Ulysses S. _____27th April
Harper _____28th April
Duke _____29th April
_____ Dunst30th April

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