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Can you name the Missing 5 letter word in these Movies?

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Film titleMissing wordYear, starring
_____ Let Me Go2010 Keira Knightley
_____of the Dead2004 Simon Pegg
The _____ Budapest Hotel2014 Ralph Fiennes
The Lego _____2014 Chris Pratt
Thor: The Dark _____2013 Chris Hemsworth
Captain America:_____ War2016 Chris Evans
_____ Feet2006 Elijah Wood
_____The Third2007 Mike Myers
____ Mia!2008 Meryl Streep
Toy ____32010 Tom Hanks
Film titleMissing wordYear, starring
_____ in Wonderland2010 Johnny Depp
How to _____ Your Dragon2010 Jay Baruchel
Kung Fu _____ 22011 Jack Black
The Hunger _____2012 Jennifer Lawrence
Men in _____ 32012 Will Smith
Man of _____2013 Henry Cavill
Star Wars: The _____ Awakens2015 Harrison Ford
The_____ in the Woods2012 Kristen Connolly
Suicide _____2016 Will Smith
The Girl on the _____2016 Emily Blunt

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