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grasp or seize suddenly
showing grace or elegance
a particular level of rank
a piece of living tissue that is transplanted
cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper
measurement of weight
large and impressive in size
vine bearing clusters of edible berries
vegetation grown on lawns
reduce food to shreds by rubbing on a grater
the place where a body is buried
feed on growing herbage
covered with grease or oil
grasping, avaricious
mixture of blue and yellow
monster with head of an eagle and the body of a lion
forbidding or uninviting
to have sharp pains in the bowel
covered with grit
to cry or complain continuously
keep safe from harm or danger
small yellowish tropical fruit
easily deceived or tricked
the tissue that surrounds teeth
a weapon that shoots bullets
also known as millionfish and rainbowfish
a sudden, strong blast of wind
the alimentary canal
rope used to secure eg a tent
to eat or drink greedily

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