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QUIZ: Solve the clue and then add a W at the beginning to form a new word

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ClueWordWord + W
Residue of fireRinse with water
Number after sevenMass or heaviness
Small insectNeed or long for
Writing fluidShut one eye rapidly
Chick's motherAt what time
AncientAn open rolling upland area
Great warmthGrain to make flour
Present, at this placeIn which place
Urge to scratchHag, crone
Step of ladderSqueezed water out of
ClueWordWord + W
Twelfth of a footCrane, hoist
Ten years or twelve years for examplePay, salary
Form of verb 'to be'Products to sell
Rock containing metalWas clothed in
Hearing organErode, use up
Anger, wrathCable, flex
Sign of evil to followAdult females
State firmlyHesitate
Aid, assistGive birth to pups
Artist's standStoat's relative

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