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Solve the clue and then add an S at the beginning of the word to make a new word

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ClueWordWord + S
By-product of coalCelestial body
Dance on one footRetail outlet
Determination, self-controlRinse with water
Rabbit's cousinPortion or allowance
Locomotive or monorailOverwork a muscle
Own, possessRemove hair with a razor
Prepare land for cropsA single shot from a movie
MurderTalent or craft
Largest joint in the bodyBoat or vessel
Trade centre or marketClever, bright, intelligent
ClueWordWord + S
Opposite of borrowerSlim and small
Taxi or hire carSkin formed over a graze
Centre of an appleNumber of goals in a game
Device for catching animalsLeather belt or rein
Summit or peakCessation of movement
One circuit of a racetrackHit with the palm of the hand
Press hair into wavesEconomize, be thrifty
Awaiting a decisionGiving money for goods
A journey or excursionRemove all coverings from
Free from illnessBecome distended

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