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Solve the clue and then add a P at the beginning of the word

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ClueAnswerWord + P
Frilly materialSet down in position
Top cardWalk upand down
Sharpen a knifeDial or call someone
Male sheepBaby carriage
Per headStone fruit
Edge of a glassFormal and respectable
Opposite of inPurse the lips in a sulky way
Writing fluidFlamingo colour
Long, limp and straightWooden board
Twelfth of a footNip or squeeze someone
ClueAnswerWord + P
Curved structureMake very dry
Level of seniorityJest or trick
Painting or sculpturePiece or fraction of a whole
Organ of hearingFruit
Belonging to usMeasure out a drink
Long grain or basmatiCost, fee, charge
Last chapter of a storyWaiting to be decided
Ailing or sickTablet or capsule
Growing luxuriantlyRich fabric
Ancient writingDried fruit

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