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Solve the clue and then add an H at the beginning to make a new word

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ClueWordWord + H
Belonging to usSixty minutes
Plus, also, tooAppendage of the arm
Ancient, agedHang onto, grasp
Single itemSharpen your skills
Every single oneEntrance room
Number in an octaveTallness, stature
Painting for exampleMale red deer
Musteline mammalAt a higher temperature
Wrath, rageItem used for clothing
Prickly feeling on skinSnag or problem
ClueWordWord + H
Upper limbInjury or damage
Sick, unwellLow mountain
I think, therefore I ___ Cured pork
Exclamation of apologyLoops or circles
Slippery fishRear of foot
Form of verb 'to be'Rabbit's cousin
Our planetFire surround
Dutch ___ diseaseShip's steering wheel
Sheltered spot in gardenDock or port

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