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Solve the clue and then add a D at the beginning to form a new word

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ClueWordWord + D
Flat boat or ferryRough copy of document
Rage, wrathPeril, jeopardy
A split or divisionFloat downstream
Hudson, for instanceOne who steers car
Small streamTool for making holes
Form of verb 'to be'Venture, be bold
Male sheepSixteenth of an ounce
Mat or blanketItem of medication
PrecipitationSewer or gutter
Hollow outImaginary plan
ClueWordWord + D
Take by forceCover with cloth
Make frictionBeat or thrash
Ice arenaImbibe liquid
Cloth remnantPull and tug
Follow printFear and terror
Single unitFinished, completed
Shade of brownMore stupid
TearSeep downwards
Garden toolMale duck
Baled out of a planeDepressed, miserable

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