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Solve the first clue and then add a letter C at the beginning to form a new word

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ClueAnswerWord + C
Take it easy, relaxTop of a wave
Pose a questionBarrel of ale
HurryPress or squeeze
Residue of a fireMoney
WhipA mismatch of colours
Sloping trackMuscular spasm
Arm or leg, for exampleAscend
Piece of coal, for instanceA compacted mass
ClueAnswerWord + C
A camel has one or twoSilly person
StinkInlet, stream
Reading lightVice or gripping tool
Quantity of paperTop of the milk
SlenderShiny, dirt-free
InjureLucky spell
Hop kilnShoreline
Auction itemBlockage in a blood vessel
Rushing, hurryingPure, celibate
Form of verb 'to be'Show concern for someone

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