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Can you solve the clue and then add B at the beginning of the word to form a new word?

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ClueWordWord + B
Near the groundExpel air through pursed lips
Jeopardise, danger of lossQuick, energetic and active
Opposite of inA short period of illness
Machine for weaving Flower or blossom
Use an oar to propel a boatForehead
Unit in a houseBrush
Edge of a cupPeak of a cap
Final partCurve
Part of a chainClose the eyes rapidly
Also, too, as wellGroup of players
ClueWordWord + B
Seep or emit fluidAlcohol, liquor (slang)
Consume foodConquer
Trouble with an illnessRelease someone until trial
Should (do something)Purchased
PrecipitationOrgan of the senses
Fewer, smallerTo make something holy
Surprise attackPlait
Ice skating arenaEdge (usually near water)
Lift upCook clowly
Nocturnal birdRound basin

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