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Can you add an 'ST' to make a new word?

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Before HintAnswerAfter Hint (+ST)
uncookedanimal bedding
operation (abbrev)halt prevent
pine treewinner's place
wages salaryhaving a pale appearance
beam of lightwander from the path
purchasebuxom curvy
existsuperlative of good
to and --- moving constantly5icy weather
a grade or class of wineouter part of a loaf
Westward ---!he welcomes guests
----! I'm sorry, my fault.bends down
this comes out of a mineshop or depot
We ----- What We ----- (film 2013)look hard at something
drops of precipitationstruggle make an effort
finger jewellerycord twine
Before HintAnswerAfter Hint (+ST)
South African currencyto leave a sailor or ship ashore
strike a hard surface to attract attentionbelt cord fastening
spirit distilled from sugar-caneplay an instrument such as guitar
sensible not madmost level headed
lord or equal in ranknag harass
make fun ofcourt joker
meadowsmallest amount
warning shout in golfextensive woodland
joining word meaning alsoremain unseated
word repeated after prayerspart of a flower
every single one ofkiosk or stand
coloured liquid dyebad smell
tear or shrednarrow tract of land
expression used to surprise someoneincrease in confidence
apple or Key Lime maybe?ski run of compacted snow

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