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Before HintWordAfter Hint (+T)
come out of an eggstraw roof
charge, pricegala, festival
small glass containeressential
liquid measurement (US spelling)rubbish
frail, not strongmake small adjustments
possess, haveurban area
look after, feel concerneditor's mark to show inserted words
lid. topa thicket in which game can hide
permit. letcandle grease, animal fat
aircrafteg Mars or Jupiter
type of guna splint placed inside a blood vessel
grit found on a beachremain unseated
means of reproduction of a flowering planthorse, mount
staple food in Chinasecond, instant
Before HintWordAfter Hint (+T)
pick up sounds by listeningvital organ
author of The Ravenwriter of poems
stitch, darnthick soup
speak,tellwait, lodge
heavenly bodybegin, commence
loud ringing of a bellpart of a flower
put on the scalesmass, avoirdupois
run away, escapearmada. flotilla
valleymanservant, dresser
framework for storing thingspart of railway
in favour ofcastle,stronghold
only one. not one of severala sleeveless garment worn under or instead of a shirt
drink made by fermenting grapescord.string
warning shout in golfa person's strong point

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