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Can you use the clues to work out either the four-letter or five-letter word?

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4-letter HintWords5-letter Hint
(A) + Boxing matchConcerning, regarding a topic
(B) + Highway or motorwayWide, covering a large area
(C) + A male deerMap or graph
(D) + Decode lettersBe terrified of something
(E) + Flue or opening for airSpecial occasion
(F) + A stringed instrument A high-pitched woodwind instrument
(G) + Country or earthAn organ that secretes one or more substances
(H) + Snakelike marine or freshwater fishParts of the feet
(I) + To distribute playing cardsModel of perfection or excellence
(J) + To eject from a position or placeA combat between two mounted knights
(K) + The central part of a churchAnother word for jack in card games
(L) + Gain money by workingTo gain knowledge through study
(M) + Purposes for which something is handy Goddesses of the arts, daughters of Zeus
(N) + At any timeAt no time
(O) + FriendsPrecious stones
(P) + Delicate materialTo put in position
(R) + In the Roman calendar, the 15th day in MarchSits on a bike or horse
(S) + Organs of hearingBrowns meat quickly using high heat
(T) + A hard protuberance on the head of a rhinoSharp projection on a rose stem
(U) + The eggs of a louse which adhere to human hair Subdivisions of a larger military formation
(V) + A sea eagleAuthor of 'Around the World in 80 Days'
(W) + The ancient Greek god of war Articles of manufacture considered as being for sale
(Y) + OrientRaising agent in bread
(Z) + The god of love, son of AphroditeThe symbols for 0000

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