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VT: Yurchenko 2.5A
FX: Switch side fullB
UB: Layout JaegerC
BB: Switch leap 1/2 to split mount D
BB: RO-Arabian mount on beamE
FX: Split ring leap 1/1F
BB: Back layout full mountG
UB: Clear-hip to straddled TkatchevH
VT: RO-half on, front tuckI
BB: Switch side leapJ
UB: Tkatchev halfK
UB: One-armed giantL
FX: Double tuck 1/1M
UB: Toe-on, layout TkatchevN
BB: Triple turnO
VT: RO-half on, pike 1/2P
UB: Stalder forward in L-grip with full turn to handstand, initiated on one arm before handstand (first name)Q
UB: Stalder TkatchevR
FX: Straddle to front supportS
BB: Yang Bo in side positionT
Bonus: Romanian gymnast; 1976 Olympic silver medalist on UBU
UB: Toe-on Shap 1/2V
BB: Double L turnW
Bonus: Chinese gymnast; 2007 world team silver medalistX
BB: Jump to cross with body arched and head dropped backwardY
VT: Tsukahara doubleZ

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