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Can you name the number in the certain movie title ? (Not counting movie number)

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Forced Order
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___ Angry Men1957
____ Hours2010
__ Samurai1954
District __2009
__ Thing i hate about you1999
The Lord of the Rings: The ___ towers2002
Friday The __th1980
I am number __2011
___ Shades of Grey2015
Big hero __2014
Ocean's __1960
Gone in __ seconds1974
House of ____ corpes2003
___ Dalmatians1961
__ Mile2002
__ Blocks2006
____: A space odyssey1968
__ Idiots2009
The ___ blows1959
The __ year old virgin2005
___: Rise of an empire2014
Mr _____2004
Around the world in __ days2004
__ Jump street2012
__ Days later2002
__ Minutes2001
__th Hour2002
Vehicle __2013
(___) Days of summer2009
___ Cigarettes1999

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