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Can you name the Hunter X Hunter Character by its description?

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Forced Order
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The leader of the Phantom Troupe
Nen stitches and threads
Gon's best friend
Self proclaimed chimera ant queen
Snotty Gungi champion
Phantom troupe member who uses a sword
Phantom troupe member killed by Kurapika
Able to manipulate bees
The 12th Chairman
Bungee gum
Last survivor of the Kurta clan
Manipulator who uses a phone
Son of Ging
The King of Chimera Ants
Only member of Phantom troupe thats a Zoldyck
Used to live as a child called Kurt
Is a medical student, rookie hunter
Eldest child of the Zoldyck family
Looks much younger than her actual age
Can transmute aura into arrows
Father of Gon
Morel's apprentice
Can conjure mad clown
She is a single star gourmet hunter
He's trained in the arts of ninjutsu
His nen ability is Hotel Rafflesia
A jackpot hunter who entered Greed Island
Battle Cantabile: Prologue
Has super hearing
He has a giant smoking pipe
Cat looking chimera ant
A specialist who uses guns
Weakest member of the Phantom troupe
Able to teleport
Went out on a date with Gon
Wears a Pharaoh outfit
Has a vacuum called: Binky
Can conjure pain packer

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