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Forced Order
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What species is Aragog?A
Sirius' deranged cousinB
Alecto and Amycus...C
Elder wand, Resurrection stone, Cloak of invisibilityD
Triwizard tournament, round 1 collect the golden...E
Triwizard Champion from BeauxbatonsF
Diagon Alley BankG
Split the soul into 7 piecesH
Fire spell I
The month of Harry Potter's BirthdayJ
The Black family house elfK
Ron's lover in Half Blood PrinceL
Voldemort's pet snakeN
Diagon Alley Wand MakerO
Harry's _______ is a stagP
TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!! Thought you ought to knowQ
Cho Chang, Luna's HouseR
Chooses which house you go intoS
Professor Sybil...T
Professor Dolores...U
He who must not be namedV
You're a _____ HarryW
Luna Lovegood's fatherX
Harry Potter and Parvarti Patil went to dance in the...Y
Draco Malfoy's friend Blaise...Z

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