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Guess The Walking Dead Characters by Quotes

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'I know how the safety works'
'We're gonna have spaghetti tuesdays'
'They're screwin with the wrong people
'I'll have sex with you'
'BAM! Crazy cheese!'
'Carl, stay in the house'
'Liar (slashes katana)'
'I delivered pizzas, why do you ask?'
'We need to find who killed Karen'
'You little ass-kicker'
'I don't take orders from a N****R'
'I miss my coffee maker'
'Dale, just gimme the guns!'
'He died because of me and wine'
'Enjoyed the show Ass-holes!'
'Just look at the flowers'
'You killed Nick!'
'I dropped the keys'
'I want to drink Booze'
'I miss my computer and texting'
'Don't kill Randall'
'You're a lesbian'
'No cussing in the house'
'I ate 112 ounces of Pudding'
'Welcome to Terminus'
'What kind of games do you like?'
'Are you a pirate?'
'You went through the back door, smart'
Wow! You're an ass!'
'We need people. The more the better'

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