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'Flies wanted it, they can have it!'
'Stick to my blueprints'
'Why are you so, down in the dumps!'
'I'm done being nice, now you get ice!'
'This does compute!'
'These lumps, I know ya wanna slump upon these lumps!'
'I'm pregnant!'
'Lately i've been feeling drained, I only wish to be entertained'
'Heeey Girrl!'
'Don't squeeze my i'll fart'
'Save me Finn & Jake!'
'They're after my everything burrito!'
'I said you don't FOCUS AT ALL!'
'Oh hey Finn hehehehe!'
'Tell me more poppy!'
He's eating dirt, SPICE IT!'
'Daddy why did you eat my fries'
'I guess i'll go back to eating criminals'
'You're really frightening me'
'You're so irresponsibly responisble
'Well, I want to marry you'
'A mystical magic favor'

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