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Forced Order
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When you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die
You're a warg Bran
Thank the Gods for Bessie and her t!ts
The night is dark and full of terrors
Where is the God of t!ts and wine?
Pull your c0ck out and take a p!ss
The King sh!ts and the hand wipes
I don't need a squire
Need to find a tree to p!ss in
You're no son of mine
If you rip my dress, I'll blacken your eye
Pyp open the f*cking gate!
You're too fat for your armour
He cut my father's head off and made me look at it
Relax your bow arm
Varys! It was Varys the spider...
When dead men and worse come hunting … you think it matters who sits on the Iron Throne?
A girl gives a man his own name?
Drinking off the skull of Jeor f*cking Mormont
I prayed to the gods, take him away, make him die
I want to be THE Queen
The King can do as he likes
As for your fat head father...
Where are my dragons!?
Good Reek!
Those who have the most power have the least grace
I kissed him where he wanted, I licked him where he wanted
If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention
I am the watcher on the wall
It is customary to kneel when surrendering to a king
You're like a wizard?
A red comet means one thing, boy. Dragons
My dreams are different
You cannot give up on the gravy
I want my crown
I bet his hair is greasier than Joffrey's c*nt
I will be your champion
Do not leave me alone in this world
Power resides where men believe it resides
I hate crossbows, takes too long to load!
You got to carry me!
It was ruined anyway, it didn't have a moon door
I've always loved you Khaleesi
Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne...

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