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You're mother was a dumb w***e with a fat arse
Winter Is Coming
Bring Me One Of Those chickens
I want some Lemon Cakes
I demand a trial by combat
I wasn't just her handmaid, I was his w***e
I need to find the 3-eyed Raven
You know nothing Jon Snow
You're some dead man
So you didn't know where to put it?
The King Of The North arises
I'm going to call it Needle
A man without friends is a man without power
If you ever call me sister again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep
Don't think too much Bran
Your name is Reek
The Lannisters send their regards
Not so pretty now
I only ever loved your sister
We don't get to choose who we love
The Gods made this, and it delights me
Let him go or i will cut your wife's throat
I won every battle but i'm losing this war
Attack attack
No one can survive in this world without help
Lannisters don't act like fools
I will be married to Joffrey and give him babies
Trust me my friend, I've brought you this far

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