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Can you guess the Fairy Tail characters?

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Trained by Igneel
Dog looking guy from Lamia Scale
Has 10 Zodiac keys
'Aye Sir!'
Has not gone on a job for 7 years
Always asking for punishment
Simon's sister
Current Fairy Tail guild master
Sting's exceed partner
He likes to dance
Youngest Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer
S-class Fairy Tail member with scarlet hair
Green haired, member of Thunder god tribe
Elfman fought him in Grand Magic Games
'He-Cat you're pitiful'
He was trained by Ur
Sherry's cousin
Ur's daughter
Ultear's adoptive daughter
Previous owner of Aries
Big eyebrows
Jellal's Edolas counterpart
Uses Archive magic
Former pet of Cobra
Uses telepathy member of Fairy Tail
Ivan's son
Cana's father
4th Guild Master of Fairy Tail
'Wood make: The Dam of shy love!'
Pantherlily's partner
Gajeel's partner
The guy who gave Erza's last name
Hoteye's brother
Member of Blue Pegasus, uses snow magic
Satan Soul
1st Fairy Tail Guild Master
Uses Solid script
Hade's real name
Sand magic
Member of Fairy Tail uses Plant magic
Uses card magic
Mirajane's brother
Taught by Totomaru
Macao's advisor
Use Pict Magic
Wanted to be Natsu's wife
Asuka's father
Lucy's mother
She's a 'real' Fairy
Alzack's wife
Uses Iron Dog

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