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Forced Order
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'I don't know what I was expecting
'I am going to my spin class'
'Marry me!'
'Hey brother'
'I'm afraid he's going to be all right'
'I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it'
'Mom stop! I can blow myself!'
'There's always money in the banana stand!'
'I'm out of here! Seriously!'
'Do you think this purse goes with this outfit?'
'They're on their way to Sacramende for the semi-finals'
'I'm tempted to kiss again so we can teach them a lesson'
'I'm your dad's twin brother!'
'Sorry, I just blue myself'
'Cuckoo-Cacha! Cuckoo-Cacha!'
'A touch of the dizzies'
'Oh, I could kiss you on the nuts!'
'Say good-bye to these!'
'You're looking at balls'
'I'm responsible for an $80-million movie without an ending'
'Here in the states, you call it a sausage in the mouth'
'I've made a huge mistake'
'I'm sorry but, we lost him'
'I'm ____ dot com!'

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