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Just Keep SwimmingFinding Nemo
You little termites!A Bug's Life
Reach for the SkyToy Story
I'm watchin you Wazowski, Always watchinMonsters Inc
Fear me if you dare!Shrek
My caterpillar never turned into a ButterflyDespicable Me
Do you want to build a Snowman?Frozen
You are one dynamite galWreck-it-Ralph
But he's a talking dog!Up
I gonna kill the Night FuryHow Train Your Dragon
To infinity and Beyond!Toy Story
Talk Talk Talking ClosureChicken Little
Show TimeThe Incredibles
They just can't get my nose rightTangled
Speed, I am speedCars
Cheese and Sprinkles!Rio
Welcome to Hotel Transylvania!Hotel Transylvania
If you had to change your fate, would you?Brave
You got some serious thrill issues dudeFinding Nemo
Anyone can cookRatatouille
Music man was born!Megamind
There is no secret ingredientKung Fu Panda
I am the Shark SlayerShark Tale
I'm not fat i'm poofy!Ice Age
Take this as a token of my gratitudeShrek
You're not ScaryMonsters University
Buy one noodle get one free!Kung Fu Panda
Heads up you maggots!!Wreck-it-Ralph
Say hello to my big dimpled friend!Robots
Snowballs and Fun!Rise of the Guardians
Tuck and RollTurbo
You useless ungrateful Maggot!!Antz

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