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Nickname for the Democratic anti-war, anti-Lincoln political faction which included congressmen Alexander Long and Daniel Voorhees slithering among its ranks.
Modern nation that saw a turbulent rule under Tombalbaye after its independence from France and earlier housed the eastern extent of the Kanem-Bornu empire.
Son of Septimius Severus who comissioned a massive namesake public bathhouse and whose edict gave free men in the empire full Roman citizenship.
Engagement in which an alleged Bible-throwing by Atahualpa led to the massacre of thousands of Inca at the hands of Pizarro's army.
Ruler whose rejection of the Hundred Days' Reforms and handling of the Boxer Rebellion are cited as reasons for the eventual fall of the Qing Dynasty.
Very well preserved neolithic archaeological site in Anatolia which most likely saw its peak at around 7000 BC.
Medieval dynasty founder whose victories at the River Berre and Tours curbed Ummayad influence in Europe.
Liberal PM who actively combated against the Quebec sovereignty movement in the 90s and who caught blame for misspent funds during the Adscam scandal.
Ecumenical council responsible for ending the Western Schism and for condemning Jan Hus to the stake.
City which served as the capital of the Mamluk Sultanate in the late 13th century and which saw the resignation of Mohamed Morsi at its Tahrir Square.
Political leader who grew to power after the failed coup, Operation Zamora. His presidency saw conflict from the CD and ultimately ended with his death via illness in 2013.
Soviet secret police instituted by Lenin which notably patrolled gulags and executed thousands during the Red Terror.
Early Indian ruler whose political philosophy was based off of the manual, Arthashastra. He expanded his own empire after winning a war against the Nanda.
US state which has been home to the eccentric Emperor Norton, bears an ursine flag emblem and was where Cesar Chavez founded the United Farm Workers
Term describing a general paradigm shift in cultures from the South Pacific and New Guinea in response to goods brought in from foreign, usually Western, peoples.
Romanian leader whose 1971 July Theses speech was inspired by Maoist reforms. His regime was toppled by a revolution initiated in response to events at Timisoara.
This battle was preceded by the Japanese invasion of Tulagi and helped to US and Australia tactically secure Port Moresby
Explorer who on his 4th voyage, named the Cayman Islands, 'Las Tortugas', and who navigated much of the Caribbean coast of Central America before founding a garrison in Panama.
US President who signed a Bonus Act that would later incite angry WWI veterans to march on Washington and who granted all Native Americans citizenship with the Indian Exclusion Act
Son of Sveyn Forkbeard whose resources gained as king of England allowed him to eventually also rule over Denmark, Norway and other Scandivanian provinces

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