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Sixteenth century emperor whose defeat of the Lodi at Panipat marked the onset of the Mughal Empire
Bachelor leader whose tenure saw Mormon violence during the Mountain Meadows Massacre as well as the notorious Dred Scott decision
Medieval Byzantine king whose total dominance of Bulgaria earned him the epithet 'Bulgar Slayer'
Sole Doctor of the Church of British origin whose prolific theological and historical works contributed greatly to Anglo-Saxon Christianity
Decisive battle in which the use of defensive earthworks and withdrawal tactics by the Russians led Napoleon to begin retreating from Russia
'George Washington of South America' whose victory at Carabobo gave Venezuela independence and whose victory at Ayacucho secured the same for Peru
The actual site of the Battle of Bunker Hill due to an inability of soldiers to follow Colonel William Prescott's orders
First president of Zimbabwe who was succeeded by Robert Mugabe after being criminalized for sodomy
City whose international 'Green Zone' was captured by American soldiers in 2003 and whose library was burned in a 1258 siege causing the rivers to flow black with ink
Leader whose 'Revolt of the Sergeants' overthrew Machado during the Cuban Revolution
Name that describes many different events: one involved a 1972 shooting of civil rights protestors in Northern Ireland while another had petitioners to Nicolas II shot in 1905
Founder of the city of Melbourne and was the sole person to negotiate land use with the Australian Aborigines in a namesake treaty -- perhaps it was on a 'dark night'.
Serbian political group whose goals in uniting Slavic territories helped to start World War I after a certain assassination
Family whose members include a corrupt pope Alexander VI as well as his son who was used as an example ruler in several chapters of Machiavelli's 'The Prince'.
American Civil War general who helped the Union cross the Cumberland Gap during the Knoxville Campaign and lost at Fredericksburg
Early 18th-century explorer whose exploits helped map regions of the Kamchatka and discover many of the Aleutian Islands
Prime minister who gave Canadian women voting rights, formed the Unionist party and dealt with a Conscription Crisis during World War I
Modern nation currently led by the Wangchuck family and which engaged in the 1864 Duar War with British India
Son of 'the Thunderbolt' and Ottoman Sultan who helped evacuate non-Christians from Spain after the Alhambra decree
Queen of the Icini tribe who rose against governor Suetonius in AD 60

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