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Can you name the Video Game Characters by Special Abilities II?

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Special AbilitiesCharacterGame/Series
Rush Jet, Search Snakes, Pharaoh Shot
_______ Punch, _______ Kick, Raptor Boost
Shadow Throw, Disabler, Make A Wish
Blades of Chaos, Head of Euryale, Horn of Boreas
Incinerate, Neural Shock, Cryo Blast
Double Black, Doomsday, Thundaga
Homing Attack, Werehog Transformation, Spin Dash
Splash, Tackle, Flail
Eyetrack Orbitars, Mirror Shield, Palutena's Army
Slit Edge, Monado Buster, Back Slash
Special AbilitiesCharacterGame/Series
Sonic Cymbals, Star Rain, Shocker
Lightning Legs, Spinning Bird Kick, Hazanshu
Bubble Shield, Needler, Gravity Hammer
Helicopter Hair, Shock Rocket, Heavy Metal Fist
Head Trip, Pig Head, Bomb Head
Insect Swarm, Winter Blast, Cyclone Trap
MedalSome, Foiled Again, Slap of Cyrus
Ink Bullet, Golden Shower, Veil of Mist
Pale Horse, Heartless Angel, Supernova
Clown Copter Dive, Koopa Claw, Ground Pound

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