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Can you name the Video Game Character by Special Abilities?

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Art Attack, _____ Tornado, Ultra Jump
Senretsu, System Id, Yamikei
Onion Knight, Ultima, Firaga Fury
Dark Metamorphosis, Tetra Spirit, Bat Form
Hadouken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki
PSI Rockin', PSI Flash, PSI Hypnosis
Energy Ball, Warlock Punch, Twilight Possession
Goner, Fallen One, Trine
Stinger, Devil Trigger, Air Raid
Crash, Gazer Spiral, Final Cutter
Arcade Drop, Bicycle Kick, Low Fireball
Tornado Attack, Wind Bullet, Thunder Hurricane
Starship, Jaggard Roger, Kickstart my Heart
Rat-a-tat-tap, Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming, Talon Trot
Bubble Splash, Shotgun Ice, Triad Thunder
Searing Shot, V-Create, Zen Headbutt
Revolver Slam, Gliding, _______ Sandwich
Winter's Grasp, Spider Shape, Walking Bomb
Coup de Grace, Tri-Clementia, Piu Grave
Cartwheel, Rocketbarrel Blast, Guitar Gazump

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