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Can you name the Video Game by Three Clues?

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Morph, Boost, Spider
Mako, Citadel, Sovereign
Pain, Sorrow, Fear
Megaton, Kaepora, Listen
Da Vinci, Bathysphere, Centrifuge
Frog, Zeal, Mammon
Nautilus, Cassiopeia, Rumble
Rainbow, Boulder, Marsh
Charge, Deathrattle, Taunt
Cube, Cake, Chell
Saffron City, Fire Flower, Beam Sword
Tear, Birdcage, Patriot
Gnawty, Mine Cart, Winky
Red Eagle, Thane, Forsworn
Korobeiniki, Backwards L, Z
Opera, Treasure Hunter, Yeti
iddqd, Mancubus,BFG
Tiny Tina, Caustic Caverns, Maliwan
Principe, Havana, Great Inagua
Mama, Sludge, Shine

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