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Can you name the Movie from Three Clues?

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Orange Peels, Khartoum, Offer
Counterweight, Dates, Baskets
Mustard, Curry, Plum
Brownies, Acorns, Disappearing Pig
Zero, Boogie, Pumpkin
Flesh Wound, Rabbit, Swallow
Exploding Ferries, Masks, Pencil
Fool's Gold, Chianti, Sphinx Moth
Volleyball, Maverick, Sunglasses
Couch, Cheerios, Ant
Jive, Otto, Shirley
Accuser, Mixtape, Knowhere
Roaches, Orion, Cricket
Pink, Orange, Blonde
Nerfherder, Tow Cable, Father
Istanbul, Macau, Scotland
Shrimp, Run, Chocolates
Lone Pine, Chuck Berry, Gigawatts
Curtain, Bricks, Heart
Bowtie, Bicycle, Breakfast Machine

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