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A linebacker with style of spear tackle
A demon (sort of) who is captain of Deimon team
Eyeshield 21
A person that have similar power of Eyeshield 21
A quarterback with lightning draw and with .15 second to raise and throw the ball
A tremendous nose guard and with scar on his forehead
A lineman with Twin Lariat technique
A locomotive-like with policy to follow the track
A fourth tallest player and very good at tackle
A third tallest player and very strong at swimming
A real Eyeshield 21 but what is his real name?
A dreadlocked linebacker with god speed impulse
A monkey boy who is a reciever on Deimon team
Also known as 60 yard Magnum kicker
One of hah brothers and bear a x-scar on his right cheek
A huge and strong lineman but inside him is very friendly
A similar with Kurita but more smaller version
A slick and love to drinking coke
A black and very fast with smooth running
A quarterback who know as Shuttle Rocket pass
A chameleon and very long arm linebacker
Also a formidable foe for Kurita and known for his huge forearms
A football player who constantly in chain to keep himself in control
A small and very good receiver with red dot on his forehead
A pink haired and his love to playing guitar and know to his technique to push the opponent completely off balance
His hate for music and love to combed his hair and like to challenge Gen for kicking match

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